Marketplace Prohibited Product Policy


An unauthorized product is a product that is illegally imported or exported.

A counterfeit product is a product that: (a) meets any of the criteria below; and (b) the Marketplace Supplier has not obtained the rights owner’s or licensor’s permission to offer for sale, and/or sell the product:

  1. The product contains or imitates an intellectual property, including copyright, trademark, patent or an industrial design;
  1. The product is sold under a name that is identical or substantially indistinguishable from such intellectual property; or
  1. The product contains images of celebrities or famous individuals.

A dangerous product is a chemical, medical, cosmetic, health or food product that has been recalled, or has been identified by government authorities as toxic, dangerous or otherwise unsafe, in the jurisdiction in which the Marketplace Supplier resides or the jurisdiction in which the product is shipped to.

A hazardous product is an explosive or flammable product, a biohazardous or toxic substance including poison, a gas or radioactive material.


Except as otherwise agreed to in writing by an Marketplace Supplier and Monument Build, Monument Build reserves the right to modify and/or change any of the rules contained in this Prohibited Product Policy at any time without prior notice. Such changes will be effective as of the date of posting. Any modifications or changes to this Prohibited Product Policy will be available at

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