Marketplace Product Listing Guidelines

Unless otherwise defined in these Monument Build Marketplace Product Listing Guidelines (“Product Listing Guidelines”), any capitalized terms have the meanings given to them in the Monument Build Marketplace Supplier Terms of Service available at

All information included in a Product listing (e.g., titles, images, descriptions, dimensions, materials, etc.) should be clear and accurately describe the Marketplace Supplier Product it is associated with. Marketplace Suppliers are required to follow these Product Listing Guidelines when they list any of their Products on the Monument Build Marketplace.

Product Titles

Product titles should be short, clear and use keywords that accurately describe the Product. Product titles should be limited to 70 characters in length.

Product Descriptions

Marketplace Suppliers must provide a detailed description of their Products in English. Product descriptions must not include any information that is untruthful, inaccurate or irrelevant to the Products. For example, a Product description should not include general information about a Marketplace Supplier’s company or its policies. Product descriptions should be limited to 5,000 characters in length and not include phrases intended to artificially increase sales, such as “Hot sale”, “Offer”, “Fast shipping”, “Free Shipping”, “Trendy”, “Popular”, “Best”, etc. Marketplace Suppliers can use simple HTML tags for their product description formatting.

A Marketplace Supplier must not include any links or URLS in any product description that direct the Merchant onto Marketplace Supplier’s website or any third party website.

Product Images

Any images incorporated into product listings must meet the following requirements:

● Images must not contain any watermarks or company/brand names unless the company/brand name is on the actual Product (e.g., company logos on a backpack);

● Images must be of a high quality resolution (e.g., at least 800 x 800 pixels in size);

● Two product images is recommended for each product listing;

● In the case of variants of a Product, at least one product image must be used for each product variant;

● Marketplace Suppliers must either own the copyright in, or hold rights to use, any images they use in their product listing;

● Images with a white background are preferred;

● Drawings or illustrations of the Marketplace Supplier’s Product are not permitted;

● Images must not contain gratuitous or confusing additional objects or information; and

● Images must use realistic colors.

If a Marketplace Supplier is using a CSV import function or uploading product images using Monument Build’s API, Marketplace Suppliers must ensure that the product image URL directs to the actual image and not the webpage where it is located.

Product Price

All pricing, including any applicable shipping related fees, in connection with Products must be in U.S. dollars. A shipping fee, if needed, can be set-up separately in the settings page.

If a Marketplace Supplier is using the CSV upload feature or adding Products using Monument Build’s API, Marketplace Supplier must not add currency or any other symbols to the product’s price. For example, a Marketplace Supplier should use “10.99” and not “$10.99” or “10.99 USD”.

 Product Quantity

A Marketplace Supplier must provide an accurate inventory number for each SKU (as defined below) listed in the Monument Build Marketplace. If a Marketplace Supplier’s Product is out of stock for a specific SKU, Marketplace Supplier must set the inventory level to 0 for that SKU. If a Marketplace Supplier is using the CSV upload feature or adding Products using the Monument Build API, Marketplace Supplier must only use numbers to indicate inventory level and not add any additional symbols or words to the inventory level. For example, a Marketplace Supplier should use “230” and not “>100” or “in stock”.

Product Variants and SKU

A SKU is a unique number assigned to every product variation (e.g., each size and/or color) of a Marketplace Supplier’s Product. Monument Build recommends that Marketplace Suppliers use keywords that reflect corresponding variations of a Product (e.g., KE76-BLACK-XL). Marketplace Suppliers must not change a SKU once created, as it is used by Monument Build to identify specific product variants for reporting, tracking, updating, etc. A SKU must be alphanumeric and only include the following symbols: “-”, “_”, “/”. A SKU cannot exceed 50 characters in length and a Marketplace Supplier Product cannot have more than 100 variants.

We have provided some examples below of what we consider to be acceptable and unacceptable SKUs.

Acceptable: White-Dress-XL

Acceptable: RTF1234565L

Unacceptable: 1#$#$%!!


Except as otherwise agreed to in writing by an Marketplace Supplier and Monument Build, Monument Build reserves the right to modify and/or change any of the rules contained in these Product Listing Guidelines at any time without prior notice. Such changes will be effective as of the date of posting. Any modifications or changes to these Product Listing Guidelines will be available at

Questions about these Product Listing Guidelines should be sent to us at:

These Product Listing Guidelines and any other rules, guidelines or policies incorporated by reference (“Monument Build Policies”), may be available in languages other than English. To the extent of any inconsistencies or conflicts between the English Monument Build Policies and Monument Build Policies available in other languages, the most current English version of the Monument Build Policies at will prevail.