Understand Your Customer's Journey


What you talking bout Willis? We're talking about the steps it takes for your business to convert a customer. Some customer journeys take only a few steps while other journeys might be very complex. This is important because if you know these steps, you can let your website and marketing do the heavy lifting for you so you can sit back and scale your business.

A step in the journey might start with a Google search for services or products that your business offers. Then an email or phone call could be next followed by an in-person visit. After your charismatic consultation session, they are sold and become a customer. Knowing these steps and whether they are constantly being repeated by every new customer will give you a huge advantage in converting more customers.

Here is a quick exercise to get you down the right path:

1. Think about your last three customers. Did they all follow the same set of steps to become a customer? If YES, awesome! If NO, try to understand where the steps were different and find some common patterns.
2. Write down each step in the first column and in the second column, write down what the customer was trying to achieve in each step. For example, the customer needed to email you because they were looking for examples of your previous work and could not find them on your website. In the third column, write down how you could have improved the customer experience to help the customer more easily achieve what they were after in that step.
3. For each step, write down what you can do on your website or marketing to make improvements to the customer experience. For example, if you know that a phone call is always a necessary step in the customer journey, make sure your phone number is easy to find on every page of your website. Make the phone number one-touch dial if the customer is on their phone and researching your company through your mobile website.
4. MEASURE! Review your web analytics to see if the changes you made have made a difference to your business. For advanced users, you might consider setting up goal tracking and a dashboard so you can easily see all your measurements in one view.


Need some help with this exercise? Feel free to contact our experts at openforbusiness@monumentbuild.com and we'll be happy to walk you through it.